I took a virtual walk in the blockchain so you don’t have to

The blockchain is a strange place. Everything including orange juice, milk, almonds, and even fridges have been “put on the blockchain.” But you could never put yourself on the blockchain and go for a walk, until now. Thanks to Cryptovoxels, you can now take a walk on the Ethereum blockchain. According to its website, Cryptovoxels is a user-owned virtual world running on the Ethereum blockchain. Think of it as Minecraft with more cryptocurrency and less color. The Cryptovoxels map from aboveIn fact, the project’s lead developer Ben Nolan told Hard Fork that’s where he got his inspiration. “I was inspired by Minecraft and loved the idea of a Minecraft city that is owned by its users,” he said. Ruled by the Corporation The streets of this virtual world are owned by a rather ominous sounding body called “The Corporation.” To build in the virtual world you have to buy portions of land called “parcels” from the Corporation. It’s not actually as dystopian as it sounds, though. The Corporation is actually the world’s developers, they mint the parcels and use the funds for future development, Nolan told Hard Fork. “The Center,” clicking on a pink block lets you teleport around the world“The corporation owns all the unminted land, and will always own the streets and some public infrastructure (like parks and public transport / metro system),” Nolan continued. When a user has their parcel, they can get building on their plot of land, anything they build is owned by them. Parcels are listed on crypto-collectibles marketplace OpenSea, and are priced from 0.248 Ethereum ($40 at the time of writing). If you eventually decide living in a predominantly white and gray virtual construct isn’t for you, you can sell your creation on OpenSea. The world uses ERC721 tokens, similar to what Cryptokitties
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