Samsung Galaxy S10 Supports Only Ethereum, No Place for Bitcoin: Report – U.Today

📰 News Yuri Molchan Thu, 03/07/2019 – 06:17 📰 News 📱🤑⚙️The new Samsung Galaxy S10, which was reported to support Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 based tokens, now reveals Ethereum support only Several weeks ago, reports came out that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone, otherwise named “Blockchain Keystore”, would enable users to keep private keys to wallets for various crypto coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum and possibly ERC20 tokens in the future. This was revealed at the Unpacked event hosted by the Korean electronics giant. An unexpected curve Photos and other details that reached the media later on said nothing new regarding the crypto coins the phone would support. However, now the early-release version studied by a Youtuber going by the name crypto-jorozu proves that the new smartphone supports only Ethereum, without the major BTC currency. Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto wallet appears to have left out Bitcoin at launch. For now it looks like it’s Ethereum-only! 😮 — CRN (@crn_maximizer) March 4, 2019 Recording a short video of around nine minutes, the Youtuber unpacks the phone. This proves to be a release for Korea, rather than an international one. On the phone itself he spotted only info about ETH transactions and showed in to his viewers. When crypto-jorozu started the Keystore app, he got a greeting with a BTC sign but still said that the software supports Ethereum only. Other mobile crypto phones reject BTC too Curiously, this is not the first time when wallet creators seem to have made their apps ETH-friendly without adding Bitcoin. E.g., the wallet built in the famous browser Opera supports nothing by ETH and ERC20 tokens based on this blockchain. This is most likely due to the fact that Opera is focused on Internet apps and Ethereum has much more to do with dApps than
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