This app exposes which cryptocurrency a user is most likely to shill on Twitter

It’s a challenge to navigate the cryptocurrency space. The entire community pretty much resides within the confines of the Twitter hellscape, where differences in investment portfolios often lead to in-fighting and disinformation. This is why one ingenious software developer created a new browser extension to help the general public figure out exactly what’s going on. It’s called ‘Coinflict of Interest.’ It’s a simple add-on that presents estimates of an author’s bias towards four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. Hmm…The idea is that the composition of someone’s Twitter following could be an indicator of their digital currency preference. If someone regularly interacts with a certain community, they could be filtering information to make it suitable for that particular audience, and thus arises the conflict of interest. This risk is compounded within the blockchain industry, as the line between cryptocurrency pundit and venture capitalist is often blurred. Is it always advisable to blindly trust information provided by someone who might be heavily invested in that particular technology? This is the question Coinflict of Interest is trying to help answer. This one checks out While this is totally cool (and sometimes hilarious), its usefulness boils down to how reliable these bias ratings really are. “It’s just a proof-of-concept at this point, really,” creator Luke Childs told Hard Fork. “The results shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I think, in general, the results are accurate enough to be helpful. But there are quite a few anomalies and there’s plenty of room for improvement.” Coinflict of Interest relies on another cryptocurrency project,, for community data. It’s a service that ranks the cryptocurrency crowd on their influence by measuring the amount of attention received by the overall community. If a ton of Bitcoiners follow someone in particular, or regularly interact with someone’s posts, considers that person
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